Suburban Jungle Episode October 5, 2005

8:00am - 10:00am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Good Bad Ugly
Ennio Morricone · Best of
surf buggy
surfdusters · surf after dark
codys theme
davie allen & arrows · cycle delic
Alpha Beta Gaga
Air · Talkie Walkie
riviera 69
chris joss · spiked
shellah v
chris joss · spiked
bebel gilberto · bebel rmx
lonely surfer
jack nitszche · lonely surfer
mi negra
kad achouri · nuevo latino
senor blues
emile normand sextet · deep jazz grooves cbc
the blue hawaiians · savage night
prairie wind
neil young · prairie wind
jaymz bee · clinteastwoodyallenalda
smoking panatelas...
the aqua velvets · nomad
ostrogoth a gogo
les breastfeeders · dejeuner sur l'herbe
secret agent man
deadcats · cathouse blues
8$ haircut
bob sh bam · lumiere contemporaine..
nothing to lose
isabelle antena · issy does it
sallys walk
ursula 1000 · now sound
wont you join me for a drink
lemon · ursadelica
how long is forever
willie nelson · countryman
smells like teen spirit
paul anka · rock swings
lipps inc. · pure disco
fantastic plastic machine · luxury
Little Less Conversation
Elvis vs. Jxl · 30 # 1 Hits