Student Special Hour Episode February 8, 2012

Broadcast on 08-Feb-2012

11:30am - 1:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Champion Sound
Crystal Fighters · Star of Love
Warm in the Winter
Glass Candy · Italians do it Better
Circle Sky
Love is Dangerous
The Dudes · Brain heart Guitar
In Red
Azeda Booth · In Flesh Tones
Ram Hoss · Prix Quills
mercy mercy
extra happy ghost · modern horses
So At One
Extra Happy Ghost · Modern Horses
Replace Me
Chad van Gaalen · Diaper Island
Women · Women/Cold Pumas/Friendo Split 7"
Friendo · Women/Cold Pumas/Friendo Split 7"
Friendo · Cold Toads
I Knew a Slu Was You
The Nancees · The Nancees
Mr Popular
Bell Tower
Take My Hand
Man Legs · Cosmic Chief
Bones of Man
Chad van Gaalen · Soft Airplane
The Mall
Travis Bretzer
saggy sammy
no you hang up · don't call me
100 Days
Double Fuzz
heat wave
makeout videotape
Start Making Sense
Hot Panda · How Come I'm Dead
Case of You
Joni Mitchell · Blue