Stereoscopic Redoubt Episode November 17, 2005

7:30pm - 9:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Mr. Magic
Twink · Broken Record
Not Enough Crayons for Everyone
grandmother meets the wolf
Twink · Broken Record
tiny footsteps
Twink · Broken Record
doody waltz
People Like Us · Abridged too Far
Intro/Why Hospitals
Graveyard Cafe · The Act of Snuggles
Chris Morris · mp3
Counting the Dif's Dots
Jan Turnkembourg · Numerology
Scorpion Dust/Drain the Swamp
Porest · Mood Noose
Avanrt Primitiv
Aufgehoben · Anno Fauve
Forground Blink
Janek Schaefer · Split 12" with Pan American
The Haunting
Hair Police · Constantrly Terrified
As We Know
Gregory Whitehead · Deep Wireless
The New Skin
A Trillian Barnacle Lapse