Stereoscopic Redoubt Episode August 1, 2004

10:00am - 11:30am

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Track Listing:

Frank Sinatra -
Devil devil go away
Little Marcy -
bush tribute to reagan
poison popcorn -
"noiz, rnc roundup"
indy media's
"RNC 2004 here we come"
pop-defect radio - · Commander-in-chief radio, vol.8
Meat - · quiet quandary
customer service breakthru
Mark Hossler, Bob Basinich, steve fisk -
Children's Tv voteshop (excerpts)
Ken's last ever radio extravaganza
This isn't newsworthy
Animals within animals - · get some press or kill these people
free press radio news -
send in the clowns
Mantovani -
as for the fools
Boyd Rice and friends - · music martinis and misanthropy
Bush Speech
Department of corrections
live loop
Black dice -
i, me, mine
laibach - · let it be
- speech in boston
Michael Moore
rite of the black sun
Anne Lebaron -