Stereoscopic Redoubt Episode July 14, 2004

10:00am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

defcon 5
Dorkestra · merrytales and fractured melodies
liquored beats
Dorkestra · indonesian soundscapes
SOS pt. 2 .. A Golden Gaze
The Lonely Flight · The Lonely Flight
Mountains (edit)
Mountains · Wiretapper 11
Before Words - excerpts
Martin Spinelli · 13 Minutes of Heaven (Resonance FM CD)
the Extension
Sudden and Increasingly Strange Behavior
Octavius · Audio Noir
amethyst dogs
Metalux · Waiting for Armadillo
Simon Munnery & Friends · Simon Munnery's Experimental Half Hour Sampler CD (Resonance FM)
Scissors / Crawl Back
Bill Horist · Lyric Suite
They Found My Body Nearby...
Men's Recovery Project · Return of Flexipop 3
Uh Dear
People Like Us · Thermos Explorer
You and Me
The Readymades · Play their Hearts out
Nautical Almanac · Rooting for the Microbes
Hair Police · Obedience Cuts
Inside Outside
This Motor Oil · The Ugly Ones
#2 excerpt
Zobo Gary Beedlebrot · The Andy Williams Special
composition of sheep
porest · prude juice for the heritage swinger
The Phonographers Union · Live on Sonarchy Radio
Stifled Mass
Carey Dodge · Deep Wireless 1.