Special Broadcast Episode November 21, 2013

Live from Lace Up for Kids at UBC Thunberbird Arena

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Thursday, November 21 from 6-8 p.m. hosted by Sara Lapsley, Olamide, Jenna, Ibrahim and Zach
Lace Up for Kids interviews

Track Listing:

Do the anglerfish
Pop 1280 · Imps of Perversion
Empty body
Freak Heat Waves · Freak Heat Waves
Freak Heat Waves · Freak Heat Waves
Ruby Pins · Ruby Pins
U.S. Girls · Free Advice Column
Your hand in mine
Peace · CiTR Pop Alliance Vol.3
Bad friend z
Jay Arner · CiTR Pop Alliance Vol.3
Gal Gracen · CiTR Pop Alliance Vol.3
Pups · CiTR Pop Alliance Vol.3
We lose our maps
Cobra and Vulture · Grasslands
Baby I hate you
The BB Guns · Baby I hate you
Always all
The Persians Rugs · single
Pleasant hymn part 2
Action Makes · Upper Down
That's it, you're dead!
Kill City Kids · False Creep
You Say What!
Kill City Kids · False Creep
Da Tweaker Tweaks
Kill City Kids · False Creep
Falling in love is for young people
The Hoa Hoa's · The Hoa Hoa's