Sore Throats Clapping Hands Episode February 13, 2012

6:08pm - 7:33pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Gre3en Green Grass of Home
John Otway · ?
Greg Rekus · The Dude Abides
The City has Sex
Bright Eyes · Letting off the Happiness
Born to Run
Paul Baribeau w/ Ginger Alford · Darkness on the Edge of Your Town
Higway 1 East
John K Samson · Provincial
Heart of the Continent
John K Samson · Provincial
Everybody Loves You
Billy Bragg · William Bloke 1996
Streets of Chinatown
Bread and Roses · S/T
Boundless Rocketeers
Audio / Rocketry · Politing a Vehicle of Audible Expression
Sit Resist
Laura Stevenson and the Cans
FUCC the Devil
Andrew Jackson Jihad · Knife Man
American Tune
Andrew Jackson Jihad · Knife Man
Cripple Creek
Can Kickers · Mountain Dudes
Wolves a Howling
Can Kickers · Mountain Dudes
My Name is Cancer
Larry and his Flask · Gutted
Life Boat
Ani Difranco · Which Side are you ON?
Whiskey is my kind of Lullaby
Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains · Love Songs for the Apocalypse
Worried Shoes
Karen O and the Kids · Wild Things Soundtrack
Some Things Last a Long Time
Daniel Johnston
Dowbn in the Willow Gardens
Chieftans w/ Bon Iver · Voice of Ages
Hold You
Elliot Brood · Mountain Meadows