Sore Throats Clapping Hands Episode April 25, 2011

6:03pm - 6:03pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Packing My Bags
White Cowbell Oklahoma · Gencerro Blanco
Shiloh Lindsey · For My Smoke
I've Just Destroyed the World
Willy Nelson · Crazy: The Demo Sessions
Darkness on the Face of the Earth
Willy Nelson · Crazy: The Demo Sessions
Fisherman Clown
The Get Down · Live Off The Floor
Jeff Buckley and Gary Lucas · Songs to No One
Age of Kings
Mountain Goats · All Eternals Deck
Mountain Goats
Richard Laviolette · Soundtrack to the Life of a Car Nearly Driving Into the Pacific EP
Chris Velan · Fables for Fighters
Anything and All
Jim Bryson and the Weakerthans · Falcon Lake Incident
Hard is the Fall
Jay Farrar · Terroir Blues
Death of Tomorrow
Folk Thief · Love, Heartache & Oblivion
Folk Thief · Love, Heartache & Oblivion
Cavalier Eternal
Against Me! · as the Eternal Cowboy
Mountain Top
Daniel Johnsons · Fear Yourself
The Breakup
Rural Alberta Advantage · Departing
Decemberists · 5 Songs
This is Why we Fight
Decemberists · The King is Dead
I Can't Stand to See you Cry
The Billie Hollies · Light of Mind