Sore Throats Clapping Hands Episode April 27, 2010

12:00am - 1:00am

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Track Listing:

Girl Anarchronism
Dresden Dolls · ST
Mystery Zone
Spoon · Transference
Journey of the Magi
Frank Turner · Poetry of the Deed
You only want me 'cause you want my sister
Evelyn Evelyn · Evelyn Evelyn
Holly, ON
Said the Whale · Islands Disappear
Muleskinner Blues
Woody Guthrie · Muleskinner Blues
Wreck of the Old 97
Woody Guthrie · Muleskinner Blues
Spirit Ditch
Sparklehorse · Chest Full of Dying Hawks
Martin Sexton · Sugarcoating
Tree Song
OK Vancouver OK · Greenbelt Collective 3
The Trailer and the Truck
Josiah Wolf · Jet Lag
Post Data · S/T
Salmon Capital
Apollo Ghosts · Mount Benson