Son of Nite Dreems (2009) Episode December 3, 2007

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6:01am - 7:32am

Son of Nite Dreems Travelling across the musical spectrum of Canada and the world touching upon the relevant news of the day, Nimrod, son of semi-legendary JBShayne and too tall trash Tanner, Jolly John. Unidentified Flying Objects and religious overtones is documented by guest ufo expert Michael Strainic. Titilating tunes include:
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, For Reverend Green...BELLA, Didn't Mean To Break Our Love...LLOYD COLE, Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?....BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE
presents KEVIN DREW, Farewell To The Pressure Kids...GRAHAM PARKER, Total
Eclipse of The Moon...FLYING MOUNTAIN, Moonrise...KRISTIN HERSH, The Thin
Man...FANCEY, Witches Night...RAVEONETTES, Attack of The Ghost Riders......
SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS, Answer Me...YOUNG GALAXY, Swing Your Heartache...FIERY FURNACES, Japanese Slippers...THE EVAPORATORS, Nardwuar vs. Courtney. fini