Ska-T's Scene-ik Drive Episode September 3, 2012

11:00am - 1:00pm

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Track Listing:

People Funny Boy
Lee Perry · Let's Do Rocksteady: 1966-1968
Take a Chance (With Me)
The Gaylettes · Trojan Reggae Sisters
Claire Raine
Everything Crash
The Ethiopians · Trojan Jamaican Hits
Stranger Cole and Lester Sterling · Trojan Jamaican Hits
Dance With Me
Winston Delano · Trojan Jamaican Hits
Games People Play
Bob Andy · Trojan Jamaican Hits
The Break
Winston Francis · Trojan Revive
It Ain't
Lloyd and Randolph · Trojan Revive
Throw Me Corn
Larry Marshall · Presenting ...
Reggae in the Grass
The Sound Dimension
Dollar in the Teeth
The Upsetters · The Magnificent Fourteen
Magnificent Seven
Rupie Edwards All Stars · The Magnificent Fourteen
Return of Django
The Upsetters · The Magnificent Fourteen
The Eternals
Do The Reggae Dance
The Tennors · Do The Reggay! The Early "Reggae" Singles: 1968-69
Soul Scorcher
Carl "Cannoball" Bryan · Return of the Liquidator
Rich in Love (La La Always Stay)
Glen Adams · Return of the Liquidator
Last Flight To Reggie City
Stranger Cole and Tommy McCook · Do The Reggay! The Early "Reggae" Singles: 1968-69
Love Was All I Had
Phyllis Dillon · Trojan Reggae Sisters
Cool Down
Winston Hines · Return of the Liquidator
Mr. Lonely
The Jamaicans · Return of the Liquidator
The Game Song
Drumbago and The Blenders · Trojan Revive
Happy Time
Keble Drummond · Trojan Revive
Happy Land
Carlton and The Shoes
Angel of the Morning
Joya Landis · Trojan Reggae Sisters
Out of Sight
Danny Simpson and The Supersonics · Trojan Revive
Tighten Up
The Untouchables
The Girl I Love
The Visions · Trojan Revive
Winston Wright
Splash Down
The Crystalites · Trojan Revive
Home Without You
The Beltones · Trojan Revive
A Hundred Pounds of Clay
The Royals · Trojan Revive
Baby Reggae
Lloyd and Devon · Do The Reggay! The Early "Reggae" Singles: 1968-69
The Moon Is Playing Tricks On Me
Trevor Shield · Trojan Revive
Everybody Needs Love
Slim Smith · Trojan Jamaican Hits
Promises, Promises
The Viceroys · Trojan Revive
Bongo Nyah
Little Boy · Trojan Jamaican Hits
Doctor No Go
The Hippy Boys · Trojan Jamaican Hits