Saturday Edge Episode December 8, 2007

10:33am - 12:00pm

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Track Listing:

Little Birdie
Dyad · No Pedlars Or Preachers
None But The Sun
Dyad · No Pedlars Or Preachers
Redgrass · Live at The Rogue
The Kitchen Floor
Redgrass · On That Good Road
Banjo Clog
Erynn Marshall & Chris Coole · Meet Me in the Music
Stop By Any Time
Devon Sproule · Keep Your Silver Shined
The Turtleduhks · True Lover
Next Market Day
The Maenads · The Maenads
Matt Highland
The Maenads · The Maenads
Flying To The Fleadh / Drops Of Brandy
Norah Rendell & Brian Miller · Wait There Pretty One
Planxty · The Planxty Collection
The Full Set
Sharon Shannon · Renegade
The New Road
Ron Kavana · Irish Ways
Hard Times Of Old England
Billy Bragg & co · The Imagined Village
All You Need Is Love
The Beatles · Love
You Won't Like Tom Jones
Jez Lowe & Mrs Ackroyd Band · The Dark Side Of The Mongrel
Gloucestershire Wassail
Albion Band · Midwinter: The Old & The New
Jacobstowe Wassail
Waterson: Carthy · Holy Heathens & The Old Green Man
Ochi Chornie
The No Shit Shirleys · Demo
Mountain Song
The No Shit Shirleys · Demo
Homeless Wassail
Finest Kind · Heart's Delight