Saturday Edge Episode May 27, 2006

10:00am - 12:00pm

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Track Listing:

Erin gra mo chroi
At The Racket · Erin gra mo chroi
Is Fada liom Uaim i
Maighread Ni Domhnaill · His Master's Voice
Bart Henry's and Flanaghans
Jesse Smith · Jigs and Reels
Moving Cloud · Moving Cloud
My mind will never be easy/Baby Rory's slip jig
Micheael McGoldrick · Morning Rory
Liz and yvonne kane · The Well Tempered Bow
Lunasa · Se
Love Love Love
John Prine and Mary Staunton · THe Sharon Shannon Collection
Lakes of Ponche Lakes of Pon
Be Good Tanyas · Bluehorse
Looking in the eyes of love
Alison Krauss · So Long So Wrong
The Girl I left Behind
Chad Dughi · Down Home Blues
You are My Sunshine
Oh Brother Where are you? · Oh brother where are you?
Are there any travellers in Heaven
Sean Tyrell · Travellers and Fellow Travellers
Apples in Winter
Dervish · Harmony Hill
Old Man Dillon, Tommy Peoples
Terry Bingham · Traditional Irish Music from Clare
Cheer Up Old Hag, Walsh's Fabourite, The Yellow Wattle
Jacqueline McCarthy · The Hidden Note
Johnny's So Long at the Fair
Danny Meehen · Navvy on the Shore
Martin Rochfords/Green Gowned Lass
Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill · Live in Seattle
Hunter's Moon/Getting There/The Morris Minor
Liz Carroll and John Doyle · In Play
Fair and Tender Ladies
Cherish the Ladies · Woman of the House
Shetland Set
Alasdair Fraser/Natalie Haas · Fire and Grace