Rumbletone Radio A-Go-Go Episode July 29, 2009

3:00pm - 5:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

flying carpet
Cub · Betty Cola
eye of the needle
the datsuns · headstunts
you know you're a man
fast n bulbous · waxed oop
yr file
bad moves · s/t
abe vigoda · reviver
in the mercury high
hot blood bombers · dirty little party
louie louie
the kinks · collection
rockers east vancouver
japandroids · post nothing
and everything changes
ellusive parallelograms · and everything changes
forgotten song
it hugs back · inside your guitar
what's the rush?
the danks · are you afraid of the danks
your head here
robyn hitchcock and the venus 3 · goodnight oslo
dancing in the front row
the tranzmitors · busy singles
tr 7
the kettle black · love is an absolute
mermaid struggle
beep beep · enchanted islands
dizzy dizzy
can · soon over babaluma
Vancougar · Canadian Tuxedo
bad timing
junior major · secret magic
throw your hands up
the so so glos · tourism/terrorism
big beat up moon
the minus 5 · killingsworth
blitzkrieg advertising
east side death squad · vancouver's punk as fuck
devil's on my back
the wooly bandits · women of mass destruction
Graveyard Smash
Relief Maps · Graveyard Smash
a lion and a zerbra walk into a bar
rat silo · doubleplusungood
police cops
myles deck and the fuzz · police cops
oh canada
the evaporators · a wild pear
pagoda faults
church of the very bright lights · pagoda faults