Rumbletone Radio A-Go-Go Episode March 30, 2005

3:00pm - 5:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

unknown · batman theme
i'm gone
vindicators · s/t
invisible people
overcoat · s/t
i resent
makers · shout on!
booty manipulator
stinkies · it's fun and easy...
drusalee & the dead · v/a-hang it out to dry
one ugly child
neins · s/t
make with the drake
sir bald diddley · ...and the wig outs!
ugly child
flashback 5 · s/t
treat me bad
green hornets · s/t
defecting grey
pretty things · s.f. sorrow
disengaged from the world
plasticland · s/t
pleasure suit · s/t
strike · v/a-detour records comp
she don't get around
sweet baby · it's a girl!
jungle beauty
spaceshits · misbehavin'
somebody to love
living guitars · s/t
onward christian soldier
crusaders · s/t
cellar dwellers · s/t
spf 500
neins · s/t
je suis sublime
elizabeth · v/a-ultrachick baby pop
peter gunn theme
hillbilly soul surfers · v/a-secret agent surf
little lord fauntleroy
upper crust · we're the...
a day less gray
satisfaction · s/t
run rudolf run
wildebeests · s/t
my nothing
fuzztones · s/t
ding dong daddyland
big john bates · voodoo bar-b-q
born loser
morlocks · emerge
the wilder flower child
pleasure suit · s/t
say those magic words
birds · s/t