Rumbletone Radio A-Go-Go Episode May 26, 2004

3:00pm - 5:00pm

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Track Listing:

the way you touch my hand
nomads · outburst
open up your door
gold stars · gotta get out!
let's go
jessica fletchers · what happened to the?
7 days of cryin'
cavaliers · v/a-back from the grave 7
ka-nives · s/t
valley of the kings
urban surf kings · surf vs. the flying saucers
primate 5 · 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-ape!
The Wet Spot
Southern Culture On the Skids · Mojo Box
surf panic!
banzai rebels · s/t
nekromantix · dead girls don't cry
tombstone hop
night stalkers · v/a-zombie night in canada
born wild
demolition doll rods · on!
make you mine
mr. airplane man · c'mon dj
flintstone shrink
von zippers · bad generation
don't look back
remains · v/a-nuggets
talkin' behind my back
glads · bad case of...
all in my mind
fall-outs · summertime
my flash on you
love · s/t
don't do it some more
cindermen · v/a-pebbles
trouble trouble
ponys · laced with romance
you don't wanna know
checkers · make a move
s.o.s radioation
jeffie genetic and his clones · need a wave
be my baby
bobbyteens · cruisin' for a bruisin'
chimpanzee twist
tijuana bibles · fists of fury
ooh yeah!
riverboat gamblers · something to crow about
cardboard hearts
dexateens · s/t
it returns
greenhornes · dual mono
i can only give you everything
them · s/t
wild man
red elvises · better than sex
big boom bop
big john bates · s/t