Rocket from Russia Episode April 19, 2016

Episode #174, Interview with Devon Kay (Direct Hit!)

10:37am - 11:38am

TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Pedorazu 2014 [Ska Me Forever]
THE HEXTALLS - Pacman [Get Smashed]
THE HEXTALLS - We're the Castle Crashers [Get Smashed]
DIRECT HIT! - Forced To Sleep [Wasted Mind]
Interview with Devon (Direct Hit!)
DIRECT HIT! - Chemical Ability [Making a Midwesterner EP]
DIRECT HIT! - Avert Your Eyes [Making a Midwesterner EP]
ANAMANAGUCHI - Meow [Endless Fantasy]
LINDSAY LOWEND - Scooter Ambiguity [Chiptunes From 2010]
THE JOLTS - Microwave Kids [No Paradoxes]
STORC - Chernobyl Wormwood [St?rc]
SLOW LEARNERS - When I Was Fun [Grow On You]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - I Go By The Sound [I Go By The Sound]

Track Listing:

Pedorazu 2014
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra · Ska Me Forever
The Hextalls · Get Smashed
We're The Castle Crashers
The Hextalls · Get Smashed
Forced To Sleep
Direct Hit! · Wasted Mind
Chemical Ability
Direct Hit! · Making A Midwesterner
Avert Your Eyes
Direct Hit! · Making A Midwesterner
Anamanaguchi · Endless Fantasy
Scooter Ambiguity
Lindsay Lowend · Chiptunes from 2010
Microwave Kids
The Jolts · No Paradoxes
Chernobyl Wormwood
Storc · Storc
When I Was Fun
Slow Learners · Grow On You
I Go By The Sound
Jesse LeBourdais · I Go By The Sound