Rocket from Russia Episode January 12, 2006

1:00pm - 2:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

sunn0))) · black one
lost cause
badamps · molotov milkshake
radio revolution
the vacancies · a beat missing or a silence added
pretty girls (the mover)
against me · searching for a former calamity
forty and above
the briefs · steal yer heart
shawna dont wanna
our mercury · from below
better living
knucklehead · the new balcklist
no rock n roll
pink swords · shut up and take it
last call at the toothless saloon
the black halos · alive wothout control
i day i dream about punk rock
the first day · s/t
Stand By Your Guns
Major Conflict · Sounds Like 1983
killer creture double
nim vind
leys ahve a war
from autumn to ashes · tony hawks american wasteland
drag you down to my level
river city tanlines · all 7 inches plus 2 more
common art
sylvie · an electric trace
look what your doin
the tranzmitors · s/t
rockin around with you
hank eagle and the hooser daddies · zombie night in canada 2