Rocket from Russia Episode December 15, 2005

12:59pm - 1:59pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

protest song '68
refused · shape of punk to come
big man big M.A.N.
crass · stations of the crass
public witness program
fugazi · in on the kill taker
nervous breakdown
black flag · first four years
girl problems
State of Alert · dischord 1981
I dont love you
Dishrags · Sudden Death records
Sonic Youth · Sister
The Cannons and Tanks
Small Brown Bike · Our own Wars
Somebody's Gonna Get their Head Kicked in Tonight
Rezillos · the (almost) complete Rezillos
Teen Cirty
Modernettes · Get it Straight
The Model
Big Black · Songs About Fucking
World Factory
Subhumans · Time Flies/Rats
To Hell With Poverty
Gang of Four · Peel Sessions
i'm my own god
dayglo abortions · feed us a fetus
the marching song
Pointed Sticks · Sudden Death Records
Distinct Possibility
Bikini kill · Reject all american
Dagger in my Heart
GG Allin · Best of Suicide Sessions
T.V. Eye
Stooges · Fun House
Release the bats
the birthday Party · junkyard
Black Tounge
yeah yeah yeahs · fever to tell