Rocket from Russia Episode July 28, 2005

1:00pm - 2:00pm

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Track Listing:

darque tan
gravy train · are you wigglin?
oh no i've been cloned
jeffie genetic · need a wave
electric eel shock · go usa!
california sun
ramones · leave home
la descente du coude · l'indecence du coup
ericpanic · catharsis
ever felt cheated?
intl noise conspiracy · take penacilin now
subhuman nature
belvedere · the power of music
the subhumans · st
my 62
left alone · lonely stars and broken hearts
gimmie some truth
balzac · out of the grave and into the dark
a forest
the cure · seventeen seconds
song for the sleepless
the resistance · revenge on the riverside
i want your girlfriend to be my girlfriend too
reel big fish · why do they rock so hard?