Rockers Show Episode September 14, 2008

12:00pm - 2:30pm

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Track Listing:

I'll be waiting
alton ellis
careless ethiopians repent
Brain Mark
Jackie Mittoo
Destroy dub
King Tubby
Fire coal version
Big Youth
What am I to do?
My testimony
The Ethiopians
Rain or shine
Augustus Pablo
sweet sweet jenny
The Maytals
yagga yagga
10" Delroy Wilson
Go Away
Jackie Opel
I can't believe that you're gone
Blues Busters
Winston and Errol
Fay is gone
stew peas and cornflakes
Clue J and the blues blasters
Right Track
Phyllis Dillon
Bam Bam
Sister Nancy
Two of a kind
Clancy and Cynthia
one love
heartbreak girl
noel brown
Gonna make it
Delroy Wilson
Owen Gray
Judgement day
laurel aitken
kingston 13
bell's group
over the river
jiving juniors
Jordan river
Owen Gray
What does it take
Alton Ellis
Drink milk
The Draytons Two · Raw Souge! <-- Spouge
Jamaicain Girl
consider me
jennifer clara