Rockers Show Episode September 12, 2004

12:00pm - 3:00pm

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Track Listing:

Feeling fine
The Skatalites · The story of Treasure Isle
The Skatalites · The story of Treasure Iles
Tonight is the night
Claudeth iller · The story of Treasure sle
Dont stay out late
Phyllis Dillon · The story of treasure iles
True true
Ken Parker · The story of treasure isle
Ba Ba boom
The Jamaican · The story of treasure Iles
Queen Majesty
The techniques · ''''''
Loving pauper
Dobby dobson · '''''
The tide is high
The Paragons · '''''
Lover is a treasure
Fredie Mckay · ''''''
On the beach
The Paragon · ''''''
Moonlight lover
Joya Landis · ''''''
#1 station
Dennis Alcapne · ''''''
U Roy · '''
Tom drunk
U Roy · '''''
Djs choice
Dennis Alcapone · ''''''
Rock steady
Alton Ellis · '''''''
La la means i love you
Alton Ellis · '''''
Willow tree
Alton Ellis · ''''''
Slide Mangoose
Ernie Smith · Folk song of Jamaica
Chi Chi Bud oh
Ernie Smith · Folk song of Jamaica
Man peabba
Ernie Smith · Folk song of Jamaca
Sattalites · Reggaefication
Blood a go run
Michael Thompson · Good Works
Jah jah love
Jahranimo · eal life
It's about time
Zukie joseph · It about time
Rent a tile
Leroy Brown · Leroy Brown & friends
The way you hold me
Glen Washington · Leroy Brown & Friends
Na na's Medley
Na Na Mclean · Leroy Brown & friends
In my house
Donna Makeda · Jah ah de rulah