Radio Freethinker Episode May 5, 2015

RFT - A Nuclear Powered Web Wisdom 05-May-2015

2:55am - 3:59am

RFT - Ep 294 ? Allergies, Whooping Cough, Archaeology vs Paleontology, Accuracy vs Precision, Hidden meaning, Thought virus, and Nuclear energy RFT - A Nuclear Powered Web Wisdom

This Week:

- All About Allergies - SciShow
- Who killed the Whooping Cough - SciShow
- Archaeology vs Paleontology - SciShow
- Accuracy vs Precision - TED-Ed
- Hidden meaning in common sayings - CreepsMcPasta Plays
- How thought virus make us more angry - CGP Grey
- 10 great place to see before they disappear - Alltime10s and
- Nuclear energy?pro, con and facts - Kurz Gesagt - In a Nutshell.

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