Radio Freethinker Episode December 2, 2014

RFT - Ep 276 ?More Web Wisdom Edition 02-Dec-2014

3:04am - 4:07am

RFT - Ep 276 - Misconceptions, myths, gravity, gunpowder, immortality, insults, math, fiction, lying and more... RFT - Ep 276 ?More Web Wisdom Edition

his week a full course meal of web wisdom?

Misconceptions from the Movies ? Mental Floss
Misconceptions You Learned in School ? Mental Floss
Myths and misconceptions about evolution ? Alex Gendler
Gravity and the human body ? Jay Buckey
The deadly irony of gunpowder ? Eric Rosado
If superpowers were real- Immortality ? Joy Lin
Insults by Shakespeare ? April Gudenrath
Is math discovered or invented- ? Jeff Dekofsky
How fiction can change reality ? Jessica Wise
This Will Revolutionize Education ? Veritasium
Why Are You Always In The Slow Line ? DNews
The language of lying ? Noah Zandan
What Do We Need to Know ? John Lloyd

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