Radio Freethinker Episode August 26, 2014

Radio Free Thinkers - The Something Completely Different Edition 26-Aug-2014

3:00am - 4:01am

RFT - Ep 264 - Implicit self-directed bias with Panti Bliss, Libya civil was, Syria and ISIS and what corporate media is not reporting and Chomsky on reform and revolution Radio Free Thinkers - The Something Completely Different Edition

This show is a bit of an experiment in style?more rifting, less scripting and things you need to know?

This week -

There has been much talk about privilege and implicit oppression?notably via race, gender and sexuality. Panti Bliss gave a great talk about this when she was taken to court for calling someone homophobic?as it turned out, she as a gay man cannot?well, you should listen, it is very enlightening?

Also, an interview from Democracy Now with Vijay Prashad on Rise of Islamist Militias & Bloody Legacy of 2011 U.S. Intervention. Something you are not likely to hear on corporate media?

And we close the show with some wisdom of Noam Chomsky about reform, revolution, a democratic workplace and utopinamism?

AS an Easter egg somewhere in the show is Symphony of Sciences latest?a tribute to Robin Williams?Seize the Day.

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