Radio Freethinker Episode August 19, 2014

Radio Free Thinkers - The Goodbye Robin Williams Edition 19-Aug-2014

3:09am - 4:02am

RFT - Ep 263 - Ebola and the magic serum, CBSA and how intolerance banished women for terminal 3, pulled over from driving while brown and a wake for Robin Williams... Radio Free Thinkers - The Goodbye Robin Williams Edition

This week whine is a Ebola redux edition?stop talking about a miracle cure and start putting doctors on the ground.

When is too much tolerance of intolerance too much? We talk about how a group of Hindu fundamentalist managed to so what every Nazi wish they could do?and they did it with the magic power of RELIGION.

What is the Hitler test and how can it help us know when we should and should not tolerate intolerance?

Traffic safety and the possible crime of driving while brown

A man who left a mark on my life and many of my friends?the passing of Robin Williams has made us all sad at the tragedy of it all?this week half the show is a tribute to the genius that was Robin?Carpe Diem?RIP.

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