Radio Freethinker Episode March 4, 2014

Radio Free Thihkers - Fantasy Fundrive Edition 04-Mar-2014

2:58am - 4:04am

RFT - Ep 245 - What?s up in the Ukraine, skepticism and fiction, Creation debate or debacle, and its pledge drivetime. Radio Free Thihkers - Fantasy Fundrive Edition

This week?s show?
We take a look at the Crisis in Crimea, when and how did the latest crisis start, why did Russia invade, What?s the history of the region, is Putin recreating the old Soviet Union, or is just a deluded neo-tsarist?

We discuss fiction and how that plays out in the skeptical community.

And we critique Bill Nye?s creation debate and will this finally but an end to skeptics debating fringe ideas?

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