Radio Freethinker Episode May 28, 2013

Radio Freethinker Episode 212 - Election Fraud Edition - 28-May-2013

3:29am - 4:30am

Radio Freethinker Episode 212 - Anti-floride rot, Anti-Vaxers expelled, Anti-GMO exposed and Anti-Democratic Fruad Radio Freethinker Episode 212 - Election Fraud Edition

This week A look at Volkswagen - Hitlers one good thing?
We look at early evidence the ending fluoridation in Calgary is leading to a rise in tooth decay.
We reports on Ottawa's Health boards decision to expel the un-vaccinated,
We tackles some of fallacies of the anti-GMO movement, and discuss better reasons to hate Monsanto,
In the light of a courts ruling confirming election fraud in the Robocall scandal, Don explores the ruling and the role of the Conservative party in this and other scandals threatening democracy.

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