Radio Freethinker Episode April 9, 2013

Radio Freethinker Episode 206 ? Election Quiz Edition - 09-Apr-2013

3:29am - 4:31am

Radio Freethinker Episode 206 ? Goodbye Roger, Suing for information and The Humanist Report - Election Quiz Radio Freethinker Episode 206 ? Election Quiz Edition

This week

- We talk about the passing of progressive, skeptic and complicated "unbeliever catholic" Roger Ebert.

- In the them of Harper's war on science and democracy, we discuss Canada's Information Commissioner efforts to investigate how the Access To Information Law is being abused and ignored by this government including suing the DOD over a 1100 day 'extension' for a report by law that should be produced in 30 days..

- The Humanist Report - Ian joins Don to talk about Atheist churches, the upcoming BC election and a quiz distributed by the BC Humanist Association to pin down the views of the candidates.

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