Radio Freethinker Episode April 2, 2013

Radio Freethinker Episode 205 ? Nuking Korea Edition - 02-Apr-2013

3:30am - 4:32am

Radio Freethinker Episode 205 ? Gates of Hell, Dawkins islamiphobic?, the real origin of Easter and an assessment of war in the Koreas Radio Freethinker Episode 205 ? Nuking Korea Edition

This week we discover the real Gates of Hell...who'd a thunk it was in...listen to find out where.
Salon posts a hatched job to equate Dawkins with radical Islamaphobist...listen to see how you separate the genuine from the dishonest criticisms.
Ethan explores the really real origins of Easter...kinda and
With all the talk in the news about the pending nuclear war in Korea, Don takes a factual look at the peninsula's history, North Korea and what really could happen.

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