Radio Free GAK Episode January 17, 2011

24 Hours of Radio Art: Hours 19 & 20 - "FM synthesis" (2011 January 17)

6:59am - 9:04am

Art's 1 000 048th birthday, according to the Fluxists. This two hour exploding head movie sounds like an alien radio station. In the schedule notes, this is harkened more to an old school "radio free gak" podcast, which makes a sort-of sense. On January 17, 1963, Robert Filliou announced that that day was art's one millionth birthday. January 14, 2008 marks my radio birth, so consider this a shared celebration.

Proper Canadian syntax dictacts that commas do not separate the three digits of numbers with more than five digits, hence the spaces in one million and forty-eighth.

What you heard --

Q: Broadcast: Microtronics 03 (Microtronics: Volume 1, 2003) Warp
1. Juan Hidalgo (Codorniu) & Walter Marchetti: John Cage's Radio Music [1956] (John Cage, 1974) Cramps
Broadcast: Microtronics 06 (Microtronics: Volume 1, 2003) Warp
2. Roland Kayn: Matrix (Simultan, 1974) Colosseum Schallplatten GmbH
Broadcast: Microtronics 10 (Microtronics: Volume 1, 2003) Warp
3. Paul Lansky: Mild und Leise (Electronic Music Winners, 1976) Columbia
Broadcast: Microtronics 11 (Microtronics: Volume 1, 2003) Warp
4. Maurice Wright: Electronic Composition (Electronic Music Winners, 1976) Columbia
5. Menachem Zur: Chants for Magnetic Tape (Electronic Music Winners, 1976) Columbia
Broadcast: Minus Two (Pendulum EP, 2003) Warp
6. Walter Ruttman: Wochenende (An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music: 1921-2001, 1930) Sub Rosa
Brian Eno: Bloom [gak melody, 6-7 minute mark]
7. Maikko: Wasteland/Flowers on Their Graves [excerpt] (Kneedeep, 2004) Stasisfield
FM: Buddha Machine MK II
8. Alvin Lucier: Vespers (Sonic Arts Union, 1968) Mainstream
Brian Eno: Bloom [gak melody, 34-35 minute mark]
9. Alvin Lucier: I am Sitting in a Room (Source - Music of the Avant-Garde: Issues 7 & 8, 1969) Composer/Performer Edition
10. Nam June Paik: Hommage ? John Cage (Shutter Island OST, 1959) Rhino -- WHITHER. -- WITHERED? -- in case the whole 24 hours gets posted.