Radio Free GAK Episode November 16, 2009

rfg XC - "Cited for solicitation" (2009 November 16)

7:33am - 9:03am

The fourth annual Fundrive starts. This episode features leftover highlights from previous episodes, along with bits from Twilight: New Moon and crazy Italian TV. Pledge now! or call +1 604 822 8648 during daylight Pacific hours.

The songs I didn't talk over:

1. Adriano Celentano: Prisencolinensinainciusol [GW Ruff Edit] (Ruff Edits #1, 2008) Ruff Edits
2. Thom Yorke: Hearing Damage (The Twilight Saga: New Moon OST, 2009) Chop Shop/Atlantic
3. Karen O and the Kids: Igloo (Where the Wild Things Are OST, 2009) DGC/Interscope
4. Spoon: Mystery Zone (Transference, 2010) Merge
5. Can: Spoon (Ege Bamyasi, 1972) United Artists
6. Solange: Stillness is the Move (unreleased, 2009)
7. Peter Gabriel: Passion (Passion, 1989) Geffen/Real World
8. Willie Hutch: Mack Man [Got to Get Over] (The Mack OST, 1973) Motown
9. Cartola: Alvorada (City of God OST, 2002) Milan
10. La Caution: Th? ? la menthe [instrumental] (Th? A La Menthe, 2007) Kerozen
11. Ornella Vanoni: L'appuntamento (Ocean's Twelve OST, 2004) Warner Bros
12. Piero Piccioni: Playgirl '70 [Party Music 1] (Beat at Cinecitta: Volume 3, 1969) Crippled Dick
13. Armando Trovaioli: Dove Vai Tutta Nuda [Vittorio Grassman Shake] (Beat at Cinecitta: Volume 3, 1969) Crippled Dick
14. Kraftwerk: Computer Love (Computer World, 1981) Kling Klang