Radio Free GAK Episode November 9, 2009

rfg #89 - "Functioning automatic and dancing mechanic" (2009 November 09)

7:22am - 9:03am

In honour of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, we have krautrock. Modern inspiration, Kraftwerk covers and Popol Vuh's work on Werner Herzog's Aguirre, the Wrath of God. This show was created in a ruthlessly yet cheerfully efficient manner. Next time I try a krautrock-related episode, we'll get some Amon Duul II, Guru Guru and Brainticket.

Now is the time when we list the songs, though the show starts a few minutes in since I intrude upon Becki's This Side of Monday.

1. Stereolab: Metronomic Underground (Emperor Tomato Ketchup, 1996) Elektra
2. Beak>: I Know (Beak>, 2009) Invada
3. Caribou: Barnowl (The Milk of Human Kindness, 2005) Domino
4. Can: Vitamin C (Ege Bamyasi, 1972) United Artists
5. Faust: Bonjour Gioacchino (C'est Com Com Compliqu?, 2009) Bureau B
6. Neu!: Isi (Neu! 75, 1975) Brain
7. Kraftwerk: Trans-Europe Express (Trans-Europe Express, 1977) Kling Klang
8. Se?or Coconut Y Su Conjunto: Tour de France (El Baile Alem?n, 2000) Atom Heart
9. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet: Autobahn (unreleased)
10. The Balanescu Quartet: Model (Possessed, 1992) Mute
11. Glass Candy: Computer Love (After Dark, 2007) Italians Do It Better
12. Popol Vuh: Aguirre I (Aguirre OST, 1975) Barclay
13. Popol Vuh: Aguirre I [Haswell & Hecker Remix] (Mika Vainio/Haswell & Hecker Remixes, 2008) Editions Mego
14. Kraftwerk: Endless Endless (Trans-Europe Express, 1977) Kling Klang
15. Wilco: Spiders [Kidsmoke] (A Ghost is Born, 2004) Nonesuch