Radio Free GAK Episode August 10, 2009

rfg #76 - "Hangikj?t, r?gbrau? & skyr...lj?ffengur!" (2009 August 10)

7:30am - 9:01am

A ninety minute flight -- destination: Iceland! With all your favourites in ambient, electronic and indie, along with Bj?rk's soundtracks to Dancer in the Dark and Drawing Restraint 9. Treat this program as the aural equivalent as bathing in the Blue Lagoon. A lot of these words use the Icelandic character set, so hopefully you don't see a lot of blocks. Then again, there's no thorns below, so for the typographically curious, J?n ??r Birgisson is J?nsi.

Inscribed in runes on hardened lava were the following:

1. Apparat Organ Quartet: Romantika (Apparat Organ Quartet, 2005) 12 T?nar
2. J?nsi & Alex: Boy 1904 (Riceboy Sleeps, 2009) Parlophone/EMI
3. Sigur R?s: Ba Ba (Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do EP, 2004) Geffen/Fat Cat
4. Worm is Green: The Robot Has Got the Blues (Automagic, 2003) Thule Musik/Arena Rock Recording Co.
5. M?m: Don't Be Afraid, You Have Just Got Your Eyes Closed (Finally We Are No One, 2002) Fat Cat
6. St?rsveit Nix Noltes: Cetvorno Horo (Royal Family Divorce, 2009) Fat Cat/Utgafa
7. Retro Stefson: Papa Paulo III (Monta?a, 2008) Kimi
8. Emil?ana Torrini: Gun (Me and Armini, 2008) Rough Trade
9. Amiina: Skakka (Aminamina, 2004) Smekkleysa
10. J?hann J?hannsson: Melodia iv (Fordlandia, 2008) 4AD
11. Evil Madness: Numeri Fortunati (Demoni Paradiso, 2008) 12 T?nar
12. Bj?rk Gu?mundsd?ttir & Tr?? Gu?mundar Ing?lfssonar: Gling-Gl? (Gling-Gl?, 1990) Smekkleysa
13. Bj?rk: Ambergris March (Drawing Restraint 9, 2005) One Little Indian
14. Bj?rk: Bath (Drawing Restraint 9, 2005) One Little Indian
15. Bj?rk: Vessel Shimenawa (Drawing Restraint 9, 2005) One Little Indian
16. Bj?rk: Overture to Dancer in the Dark (Selmasongs, 2000) One Little Indian
17. Bj?rk: In the Musicals (Selmasongs, 2000) One Little Indian
18. Bj?rk & Thom Yorke: I've Seen It All (Selmasongs, 2000) One Little Indian