Radio Free GAK Episode July 13, 2009

rfg #74 - "Who's looking through drywall?" (2009 July 13)

7:19am - 9:00am

Aside from all manners of Swedish music, weird music and other experimental stuff, this episode has Bruno Coulais' score to Coraline, Henry Selick's adapation of the Neil Gaiman novella. Silly season in full effect, everywhere. I also take awesome notes. We join the tail end of John Tanner's "Son of Nite Dreems" where he experiences technical difficulties.

Des chansons:

1. Dirty Projectors: Cannibal Resource (Bitte Orca, 2009) Domino
2. Au Revoir Simone: All or Nothing (Still Night, Still Light, 2009) Our Secret Record Company
3. Veronica Maggio: Inget Kan ?ndra P? Det (Och Vinnaren ?r, 2008) Universal Sweden
4. Dungen: S?tt Att Se (4, 2008) Kemado
5. Twiggy Frostbite: Heroes (Through Fire, 2009) Despotz
6. Larkin Grimm: Parplar (Parplar, 2008) Young God
7. Circlesquare: Stop Taking [So Many] (Songs about Dancing and Drugs, 2009) !K7
8. The Baldwin Brothers: Dream Girl [featuring Miho Hatori] (Cooking with Lasers, 2002) TVT
9. Stereolab: Pack Yr Romantic Mind [Channel Recognition] (Transient Random-Noise Bursts with Announcements, 1993) Elektra/Duophonic
10. Iggy Pop: I Want to Go to the Beach (Preliminaires, 2009) Astralwerks
11. Bell Orchestre: Water/Lights/Shifts (As Seen Through Windows, 2009) Arts & Crafts
12. They Might Be Giants: Other Father Song (Coraline OST, 2009) Koch
13. Bruno Coulais: Dreaming (Coraline OST, 2009) Koch
14. Bruno Coulais: Wybie (Coraline OST, 2009) Koch
15. Bruno Coulais: The Supper (Coraline OST, 2009) Koch
16. Bruno Coulais: Fantastic Garden (Coraline OST, 2009) Koch
17. Bruno Coulais: Trap for the Mices (Coraline OST, 2009) Koch
18. Bruno Coulais: It was Fantastic (Coraline OST, 2009) Koch
19. Bruno Coulais: Ghost Children (Coraline OST, 2009) Koch
20. Bruno Coulais: Wybie That Talks (Coraline OST, 2009) Koch
21. Bruno Coulais: The Famous Mister B (Coraline OST, 2009) Koch
22. Bruno Coulais: End Credits (Coraline OST, 2009) Koch
23. Bruno Coulais: Mechanical Lullaby (Coraline OST, 2009) Koch
24. Retro Stefson: Sensemi (Monta?a, 2008) Kimi