Radio Free GAK Episode June 8, 2009

rfg #69 - "I go far in my Figaro" (2009 June 08)

7:02am - 9:02am

An extra half hour for you, filled full of funk as we spotlight Willie Hutch and his soundtracks to Foxy Brown and The Mack. Also on display are some Blue Note gems, Canadian weirdness and acts coming into town shortly.

And I totally forgot to hype Basketball on air! Sorry guys! Visit to listen to those Vancouverites now in Croatia.

Here are the songs.

1. Willie Hutch: Brothers Gonna Work It Out (The Mack OST, 1973) Motown
2. Black Moth Super Rainbow: Born on a Day the Sun Didn't Rise (Eating Us, 2009) Graveface
3. The Juan Maclean: The Simple Life (The Future Will Come, 2009) DFA
4. The Field: The More That I Do (Yesterday & Today, 2009) Kompakt/Anti-
5. Tiga: Beep Beep Beep (Ciao!, 2009) Last Gang
6. Plastikman: I Don't Know (Closer, 2003) M_nus
7. Hidrogenesse: Fuig Llop Fuig (Bestiola, 2008) Austrohungaro
8. Basketball: Journey to the End of the Night [February 13] (MySpace, 2009) Ache
9. Band of Skulls: I Know What I Am (I Know What I Am promo, 2009) Shangri-La
10. Banbara: Shack Up (Blue Break Beats: Volumes One - Four, 1999) Blue Note
11. Grant Green: Down Here on the Ground (Droppin' Science, 2007) Blue Note
12. Richard "Groove" Holmes: Grooving for Mr. G (Comin' On Home, 1971) Blue Note
13. Willie Hutch: Do What You Wanna Do (Soul Portrait, 1969) RCA
14. Willie Hutch: Chase (Foxy Brown OST, 1974) Motown
15. Willie Hutch: Out There (Foxy Brown OST, 1974) Motown
16. Willie Hutch: Have You Ever Asked Yourself Why (Foxy Brown OST, 1974) Motown
17. Willie Hutch: Whatever You Do (Foxy Brown OST, 1974) Motown
18. Willie Hutch: Vampin' (The Mack OST, 1973) Motown
19. Willie Hutch: Theme of The Mack (The Mack OST, 1973) Motown
20. Willie Hutch: Mack's Stroll / The Getaway (The Mack OST, 1973) Motown
21. Willie Hutch: Now That It's All Over (The Mack OST, 1973) Motown
22. Willie Hutch: I Like Everything About You (Colour Her Sunshine, 1976) Motown