Radio Free GAK Episode June 5, 2009

Rainbow Groove [fill-in] - "Fuzzy peach highball" (2009 June 05)

9:03am - 10:33am

People power in the (extended) disco hour. It gets housey at times, cheesy at others, but solid gold dance music all the way. Now with 50% more beat matching!

1. Ian Preece: Superfuzz [Disco Mix] (Disco Vibes - Club Selection, 2006) Mettle
2. Force of Nature: To the Brain (To the Brain 12", 2007) Mule Musiq
3. Jacques Renault: Sweet Rollin' On (Rvng Of The Nrds - Volume 6, 2008) Rvng Intl.
4. Cerrone: Je Suis Music (The Golden Touch, 1978) Malligator
5. Grand Popo Football Club: Les Hommes C'est Pas des Mecs Bien (Les Hommes C'est Pas des Mecs Bien, 2001) Atmosph?riques
6. Punkin' Machine: I Need You Tonight (Fabriclive 36, 1981) Fabric
7. Tele Music: Baby's Band [LeoZero Edit] (Le Disco - Tele Music Remixed, 2009) DJ History
8. Le Chic: Le Freak (C'est Chic, 1978) Atlantic
9. Mecca Headz: Star [Original Centerstage Mix] (A Night at the Playboy Mansion, 2000) Astralwerks
10. BWH: Stop [Original Mix] (Stop/Livin' Up, 1983) House of Music
11. Liquid People: Ice Cream Parlour (Ice Cream Parlour, 2005) Clubsole
12. Jeanne Napoli: Let's Make Love (Disco Forever, 2000) BBE
13. Sylvester: You Make Me Feel [Mighty Real] (Milk OST, 1978) Decca
14. Bumblebee Unlimited: Lady Bug (DJ Kicks - Annie, 2005) Studio !K7
15. Roy Rogers: Graceland (Pantone 389 C, 2001) Vegas Tracks
16. The Ritchie Family: Brazil (70s Dance Party '75-'76, 1997) Time-Life
17. Rinder & Lewis: Lust (Seven Deadly Sins, 1977) Pye

Enjoy your weekend!