Radio Free GAK Episode March 30, 2009

rfg #59 - "A melting everything" (2009 March 30)

7:29am - 9:01am

Live from CITR: the sound of repairs, along with the Kenji Kawai's soundtrack to Ghost in the Shell. Songs from the films 21 and Donnie Darko too. Catastrophe hangs overhead. It's unpredictable as the internet is saved, the headphones are repaired and stuff could catch fire any moment with the soldering gun.

Chris the Engineer co-hosts, along with his many tools.

Somehow, overhead the static, the following was heard:

1. Japandroids: Young Hearts Spark Fire (Post-Nothing, 2009) Unfamiliar
2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Zero (It's Blitz!, 2009) Interscope
3. Fabian: J4W (MySpace, 2008) unsigned
4. Genghis Tron vs. Lucky Dragons: Endless Endless (2009)
5. Jonathan Kreinik: Escape [Triobelisk Remix] (Return to Precinct 13, 2008) Swedish Columbia
6. Minitel Rose: West Coast Valerie (MySpace, 2008) Futur
7. LCD Soundsystem: Big Ideas (21 OST, 2008) Sony
8. Moebius-Plank-Neumeier: Pitch Control (Zero Set, 1982) Sky
9. Lemonade: Real Slime [C.L.A.W.S. Remix] (Remixtape, 2008) True Panther Sounds
10. The Undisputed Truth: Earthquake Shake (Tapes - The Rapture, 2009) Studio !K7
11. SQZMLMNZ: Oakland (MySpace, 2009)
12. Echo & the Bunnymen: The Killing Moon (Ocean Rain, 1984) Korova
13. CFCF: You Hear Colours (You Hear Colours 7", 2009) Acephale
14. Azeda Booth: East Village (In Flesh Tones, 2008) Absolutely Kosher
15. Onra: Reminisce (1.0.8, 2009) Favourite
16. Kenji Kawai: M01 Chant I - Making of Cyborg (Ghost in the Shell OST, 1995) RCA
17. Kenji Kawai: M07 Nightstalker (Ghost in the Shell OST, 1995) RCA
18. Kenji Kawai: M01 Floating Museum (Ghost in the Shell OST, 1995) RCA
19. Passengers: One Minute Warning (Original Soundtracks 1, 1995) Island

Happy bunny day!