Radio Free GAK Episode March 16, 2009

rfg #57 - "Le temps detruit tout" (2009 March 16)

7:36am - 9:00am

C'est semaine - French house! The spotlight's on Thomas Bangalter's soundtrack to Irr?versible, along with bits from his main project Daft Punk. La maison fran?aise? Yeah, that works. Find the Live from Thunderbird Radio Hell podcast to hear Julie Doiron (ex-Eric's Trip) perform live with Fred Squire in the CITR Lounge. leads the way.

Not sure why the podcast has little skips throughout; maybe you're shaking your MP3 player too much? Stop that, I'm getting dizzy.

Les chansons,

1. Justice: Genesis (?, 2007) Ed Banger
2. Fred Falke: Love Theme (Music for my Friends EP, 2008) Work It Baby
3. P?p? Bradock: Deep Burnt (Worldwide Am - Gilles Peterson, 2000)
4. Etienne de Cr?cy: Prix Choc / Price Shock (Super Discount, 1996) Different
5. Break Bot: Stereo Provolone (Happy Rabbit, 2008) Moshi Moshi
6. Moonstarr: Unknown Communicator (Code: 416, 1998) Public Transit Recordings
7. Jean-Jacques Perrey: E.V.A. (Moog Indigo, 1970) Vanguard
8. Stereoheroes: Fin Fang Foom (MySpace, 2008) unsigned
9. John Oswald: Fabulous (69 Plunderphonics 96, 2001) Fony/Seeland
10. Daft Punk: Superheroes (Discovery, 2001) Virgin
11. Daft Punk: Musique (Wipeout 2097 / Wipeout XL soundtrack, 1995) Astralwerks
12. Thomas Bangalter: Stress (Irr?versible OST, 2003) Roul?
13. Thomas Bangalter: Outrage (Irr?versible OST, 2003) Roul?
14. Thomas Bangalter: Desaccords (Irr?versible OST, 2003) Roul?
15. Thomas Bangalter: Ventura / Into the Tunnel (Irr?versible OST, 2003) Roul?
16. Thomas Bangalter: Club Soda (K7! Tapes Mix - The Rapture, 2009) Studio !K7