Radio Free GAK Episode January 12, 2009

rfg #49 - "Prickly pear cactus salad" (2009 January 12)

7:32am - 9:03am

Nothing major here; just experimental music, Canadian folk, African mayhem and songs from the films Synecdoche, New York, Bloodstained Butterfly and The Bloody Hand of the Law. As of writing, is goofy. Email still works:


1. Dauerfisch: Es L?uft (Warp Back to Earth 66/99, 1998) Bungalow
2. Cheveu: Lola Langusta (My Answer is Yes 7", 2007) Rob's House Records
3. Don Cherry: Brown Rice (Don Cherry, 1975) Horizon
4. Mr. Chop: The Infinity machine (Lightworlds EP, 2008) Stones Throw
5. Julia Holter: Moto Perpetuo (4 Women No Cry Volume 3, 2008) Monika
6. Richard Skelton: Fold (Making Time, 2008) Preservation
7. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition: Guajira '78 (Guajira 7", 2007) NYC Trust
8. Cheb Zergui: Ana Dellali / I Cuddle Myself (1970's Algerian Proto-Rai Underground, 2008) Sublime Frequencies
9. Vampire Weekend: Everywhere (Triple J session, 2008)
10. Hot Chip & Peter Gabriel: Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (08/09 Sampler, 2008) XL
11. Julie Doiron: Wintermitts (Heart And Crime, 2002) Endearing
12. West of Rome: Winterlong (More Barn: a tribute to Neil Young, 2008) Slothtrop
13. Black Mountain: Heart of Snow (Black Mountain, 2005) Jagjaguwar
14. Grouper: Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping (Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill, 2008) Type
15. Gianni Ferrios: Concerto Blues - Extended Take (Bloodstained Butterfly OST, 1971) Easy Tempo
16. Stelvio Cipriani: Relax in the Swimming Pool [Shake] (Bloody Hands of the Law/La Mano Spietata Della Legge OST, 1973) DigitMovies
17. Jon Brion: Little Person (Synecdoche, New York OST, 2008) Lakeshore
18. Cymande: Bra - Ritual Session [Danny Krivit Edit] (Danny Krivit - Edits By Mr. K, 2003) Strut