Radio Free GAK Episode January 5, 2009

rfg #48 - "Don't dance into the fire" (2009 January 05)

7:32am - 9:01am

Welcome to 2009. Our soundtrack is 1978's The Inglorious Bastards. Little spotlights are thrown on Eartha Kitt, In Flagranti and Freddie Hubbard amongst the electronic warbles. Happy twelfth night on this the eve of Epiphany.

2009 starts off like this:

1. The Arcade Fire: Burning Bridges (unreleased, 2008) Merge
2. Eartha Kitt: I Want to be Evil (Greatest Hits Purr-fect, 1956) House of Hits
3. Eartha Kitt: Hurdy Gurdy Man (Sentimental Eartha, 1970) Spark
4. Cosmo Vitelli: Straight My Time (That Thing 12", 2008) Cliche Breaks
5. Golden Bug: Bisco (Hot Robot, 2008) Gomma
6. Let's Go To War: Burn Down the Disco (Burn Down the Disco, 2008) Last Gang
7. In Flagranti: I Chatted up the Nympho Secretary Pt. I (Sexy Piss Tool, 2008) Codek
8. Act Yo Age: La Fumo Loco [In Flagranti Remix] (The Hott This EP, 2008) Sweat It Out
9. Oblio: Epicureanism (Principal of Discovery, 2008) Codek
10. Salem: Whenusleep (Water EP, 2008) Merok
11. Shed: Estrange (Shedding the Past, 2008) Ostgut
12. Holy Fuck: Frenchy's (LP, 2007) Young Turks
13. Francesco De Masi: Sequence 1 (The Inglorious Bastards OST, 2008) Dagored
14. Francesco De Masi: Sequence 2 (The Inglorious Bastards OST, 2008) Dagored
15. Francesco De Masi: Sequence 3 (The Inglorious Bastards OST, 2008) Dagored
16. Francesco De Masi: Sequence 4 (The Inglorious Bastards OST, 2008) Dagored
17. Freddie Hubbard: Cold Turkey (Red Clay, 1970) CTI