Radio Free GAK Episode November 10, 2008

rfg #41 - "You see dashes, I see minus signs" (2008 November 10)

7:31am - 9:00am

A return after an wholly unwarranted break, but there's indie, soul, a tip of the hat to Dolemite and a few Rephlex label cuts to keep you sane, then sections from David Lynch's Lost Highway to unsettle you again. To whoever stole my laptops and camera, may some deity take mercy on your pitiful soul. All that precious, precious data...

The songs that you heard/hear/will hear were presented in this order:

1. Rudy Ray Moore: Radio spot for The Human Tornado (Dolemite OST, 1975) Generation International
2. Arthur Wright: Theme from The Human Tornado (Dolemite OST, 1975) Generation International
3. Department of Eagles: Waves of Rye (In Ear Park, 2008) 4AD
4. Yo La Tengo: Sometimes I Don't Get You (I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass, 2006) Matador
5. TV on the Radio: Dancing Choose (Dear Science, 2008) Interscope/4AD
6. Deerhoof: Chandelier Searchlight (Offend Maggie, 2008) Kill Rock Stars
7. Deerhunter: Vox Humana (Weird Era Cont., 2008) Kranky/4AD
8. Tiger Tones: Seventeen (Tiger Tones, 2008) Pinacolada
9. Sister Sonny: Leonard in Drag (Bandit Lab, 2001) Jetset/Rec 90
10. Bogdan Raczynski: My Love I Love 2 (My Love I Love, 2001) Rephlex
11. AFX: PWSteal.Ldpinch.D (Chosen Lords, 2006) Rephlex
12. MSTRKRFT: Bounce featuring N.O.R.E. (Bounce, 2008) Dim Mak
13. Deadmau5: Hi Friend (Hi Friend, 2008) Maustrap
14. Raphael Saadiq: 100 Yard Dash (The Way I See It, 2008) Sony/Columbia
15. Menahan Street Band: Montego Sunset (Make the Road by Walking, 2008) Daptone
16. Brownout: Barretta (Homenaje, 2007) Freestyle
17. The Herbaliser: Can't Help This Feeling (Can't Help This Feeling, 2008) K7
18. Angelo Badalamenti: Fred & Renee Make Love (Lost Highway OST, 1997) Interscope
19. Angelo Badalamenti: Fats Revisited (Lost Highway OST, 1997) Interscope
20. Barry Adamson: Something Wicked This Way Comes (Lost Highway OST, 1997) Interscope
21. Barry Adamson: Hollywood Sunset (Lost Highway OST, 1997) Interscope
22. Trent Reznor: Driver Down (Lost Highway OST, 1997) Interscope
23. Smashing Pumpkins: Eye (Lost Highway OST, 1997) Interscope