Radio Free GAK Episode October 27, 2008

rfg XL - "Black roses in the cemetery" (2008 October 27)

7:00am - 9:01am

A very special two hour edition for Hallowe'en. Spooky gems from the garage, the factory and the graveyard, along with the usual cinematic wonders that are too numerous to name. It's two hours long and only written for the first 90 minutes! It's scary in more ways than eight!

The p-p-p-playlist!

1. Maury Laws: The Baron (Mad Monster Party? OST, 1967) Retrograde/Percepto
2. Jad Fair & Phono-Comb: In a Haunted House (In a Haunted House, 1995) Derivative
3. North American Hallowe'en Prevention Initiative: Do They Know It's Hallowe'en? (Do They Know It's Hallowe'en?, 2005) Vice
4. Fant?mas: Rosemary's Baby (The Director's Cut, 2001) Ipecac
5. Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Moya (Slow Riot for New Zer? Kanada EP, 1999) Constellation
6. Arch M: Cat Grave (Mountain Tan Commercials, 2008) Cavern
7. Sun City Girls: Spook (Mr. Lonely OST, 2008) Drag City
8. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet: Big Baby (Savvy Show Stoppers, 1990) Cargo
9. Richard Delvy: Green Slime (The Green Slime OST, 1968) ?
10. Ralph D?rper: Assault (Eraserhead, 1983) Operation Twilight
11. Throbbing Gristle: Slug Bait ? ICA (The Second Annual Report, 1977) Industrial
12. Delia Derbyshire: Music of Spheres (EMS LP 1, 1971) EMS
13. The Golden Palominos: Victim (Dead Inside, 1996) Restless
14. Pocahaunted: Ashes is White (Island Diamonds, 2008) Not Not Fun
15. Goblin: The Hunt (Dawn of the Dead OST, 1979) Varese Sarabande
16. Goblin: Target Shooting (Dawn of the Dead OST, 1979) Varese Sarabande
17. The City of Prague Philharmonic: Suite from The Omen (A History of Horror: From Nosferatu to the Sixth Sense, 2006) Silva
18. Brian Eno: In Dark Trees (Another Green World, 1975) Island
19. Little Howlin' Wolf: Oul Nei Piesec; Ostatni Morzu (The Singles Volume 1, 2003) Heresee
20. Belbury Poly: The Hidden Door (The Hidden Door, 2008) Ghost Box