Radio Free GAK Episode September 8, 2008

rfg #33 - "Cinema esoterica" (2008 September 08)

7:31am - 9:00am

Grabbag for the start of the new school year, with a minor focus on Bruce Haack and re-interpreted famous movie music. Soundtrack selections from The Fantastic Plastic Machine, Six Feet Under, Night on Earth, Heat and In The Name of the Father. Welcome back to school! Now prepare to get educated again.

A playlist? That's never happened before...

1. Peter Bjorn and John: Inland Empire (Seaside Rock, 2008) Almost Gold/Star Time
2. Bruce Haack: School for Robots (Hush Little Robot, 1998) QDK Media/Forced Exposure
3. Fantastic Plastic Machine: I'm Bruce [Dimension 5 Mega Mix] (Dimension Mix, 2005) Eenie Meenie
4. Harry Betts: Theme from the Fantastic Plastic Machine (The Fantastic Plastic Machine OST, 1969) Epic
5. Die T?edliche Doris: Tanz im Quadrat (Berlin Super 80, 1981) Monitorpop
6. Twin Crystals: Two Girls (Two Girls 7", 2008) summerloversunlimited / exo records
7. Abe Vigoda: Hyacinth Grrls (Skeleton, 2008) Bella Union
8. Primal Scream: Necro Hex Blues (Beautiful Future, 2008) B-Unique
9. Eye Was An Ion: I Will Hunt You (MySpace, 2008) Ha Ha
10. F?r Amel: Pink Eyes (unreleased, 2008) Hees&Schultz
11. The Walkmen: Four Provinces (You & Me, 2008) Gigantic
12. Beck: Chemtrails (Modern Guilt, 2008) Interscope
13. Thomas Newman: Theme from Six Feet Under (Six Feet Under OST, 2002) Universal
14. RuDJak Manigz: SingKingHeart (Extracted Celluloid, 1999) Illegal Art
15. Natasha Spencer: The House She Flew In On [Excerpt] (Extracted Celluloid, 1999) Illegal Art
16. Ted Atking and his Orchestra: The Man from Nowhere (Pop Music for Dancing, 1970) Concert Hall
17. Tom Waits: Los Angeles Theme [Another Private Dick] (Night on Earth OST, 1992) Island
18. Elliot Goldenthal & Kronos Quartet: Predator Diorama (Heat OST, 1995) Warner Bros.
19. Trevor Jones: Walking the Circle (In the Name of the Father OST, 1994) Island
20. John Barry: Play It Again (The Tamarind Seed OST, 1974) Polydor
21. Kool & the Gang: Summer Madness (Light of Worlds, 1974) De-Lite