Radio Free GAK Episode September 1, 2008

rfg #32 - "Feeling like diving slowly into the sea" (2008 September 01)

7:30am - 9:00am

An entire episode devoted to shoegazing, dream pop and the sweet sounds of white noise. Mogwai is the sorta feature, with My Bloody Valentine and An April March assisting. Music from the film Zidane and a cover of a great James Bond song. I'm mostly far from ill now, thanks.
Happy Labour Day!

A playlist for the staticky skies as summer ends.

1. Adorable: Favourite Fallen Idol (Against Perfection, 1993) Creation
2. My Bloody Valentine: Only Shallow [Live] (Loom Vancouver January 7, 1992) bootleg
3. Telescopes: Flying (Flying, 1991) Creation
4. Slowdive: Some Velvet Morning (Souvlaki, 1993) Creation
5. Moose: Last Night I Fell Again (Sonny of Sam, 1992) Virgin
6. An April March: Scarlett Bliss (Impatiens, 1992) Cartwheel
7. An April March: Stardust (It Goes Without Saying, 1997) Bedazzled
8. Swervedriver: Feel So Real (Raise, 1991) A&M
9. Sianspheric: Nothing Stands (There's Always Someplace You'd Rather Be, 1997) Sonic Unyon
10. Southpacific: Stay Ahead, Far Behind (Constance, 1999) Turnbuckle
11. Astral: Blinder (Orchids, 2003) Melting Records
12. On! Air! Library!: Bread (On! Air! Library!, 2004) Arena Rock Recording Co
13. Guitaro: Ace Faced the Scene (Futura Black, 2002) unsigned
14. TwinSisterMoon: I Wish I Could Drown the World in Reverberation (When Stars Glide Through Solid, 2007) self-released
15. A Sunny Day in Glasgow: Watery (Scribble Mural Comic Journal, 2007) Notenuf
16. Mogwai: It Would Have Happened Anyway (Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait OST, 2007) Play It Again Sam
17. Mogwai: Gouge Away (Dig for Fire: A Tribute to the Pixies, 2007) American Laundromat
18. My Bloody Valentine: We Have All the Time in the World (Peace Together, 1993) Island