Radio Free GAK Episode August 11, 2008

rfg XXX - "Didn't know he would really go" (2008 August 11)

7:30am - 9:00am

A special episode in the memory of Isaac Hayes (1942-2008). The hits he wrote, the hits he covered and the films he scored, including the almighty Shaft. Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr.
Born: Covington, TN - August 20, 1942
Died: Memphis, TN - August 10, 2008

A playlist in tribute to the man.

1. Isaac Hayes: Walk on By (Hot Buttered Soul, 1969) Enterprise
2. Carla Thomas: B-A-B-Y (Carla, 1966) Stax
3. Sam & Dave: Hold On I'm Comin' (Hold On, I'm Comin', 1966) Stax
4. Isaac Hayes: Precious, Precious (Presenting Isaac Hayes, 1968) Enterprise
5. Isaac Hayes: Never Can Say Goodbye (Black Moses, 1971) Enterprise
6. Isaac Hayes: The Look of Love (...To Be Continued, 1970) Enterprise
7. Isaac Hayes: I Can't Turn Around (Chocolate Chip, 1975) Stax
8. Isaac Hayes: That Loving Feeling (Chocolate Chip, 1975) Stax
9. Isaac Hayes: Breakthrough (Truck Turner OST, 1974) Weintraub-Heller
10. Isaac Hayes: Theme from "The Men" (The Men single, 1972) Enterprise
11. Isaac Hayes: Title Theme to "Tough Guys" (Tough Guys OST, 1974) Enterprise
12. Isaac Hayes: Early Sunday Morning (Shaft OST, 1971) Enterprise
13. Isaac Hayes: Theme from "Shaft" (Shaft OST, 1971) Enterprise
14. Isaac Hayes: Something (The Isaac Hayes Movement, 1970) Enterprise