Radio Free GAK Episode August 4, 2008

rfg #29 - "Precocious and ferocious" (2008 August 04)

7:30am - 9:01am

Moody synths prevail, along with a spotlight of early Daft Punk. The soundtrack feature is the blaxploitation film score to Gordon's War. It's no longer autumn (said in a mixture of relief and gratitude). Be the sun and the stars overhead.

Did someone say "playlist"?

1. DJ Food featuring Ken Nordine: The Ageing Young Rebel (A Dub Plate of Food Vol. 2, 2000) Ninja Tune
2. Mylo: In My Arms (Destroy Rock & Roll, 2004) Breastfed
3. Neon Blak: Super Sexy Song (MySpace, 2007) Indie
4. Maethelvin: My Favourite TV Show (MySpace, 2007) Indie
5. Jupiter: Chip (MySpace, 2008) unsigned
6. Gui Boratto: Terminal (Chromophobia, 2007) Kompakt
7. Peaches: Downtown [Simian Mobile Disco Remix] (Downtown single, 2006) XL
8. Little Anthony & the Imperials: Can You Imagine (Who?s Gonna Love Me single, 1977) Power Exchange
9. Darlin': Darlin' (Shimmies in Super 8, 1993) Duophonic
10. Daft Punk: Assault (The New Wave 12", 1994) Soma
11. S?bastian Tellier: Divine (Sexuality, 2008) Record Makers
12. Tiga: Far From Home [Digitalism Remix] (Far From Home single, 2006) Different
13. Badder Than Evil: Tell That Man to Go to Hell (Gordon's War OST, 1973) Buddah
14. Badder Than Evil: Child of Tomorrow (Gordon's War OST, 1973) Buddah
15. Sister Goose & the Ducklings: Super Shine #9 (Gordon's War OST, 1973) Buddah
16. Badder Than Evil: Hot Wheels (the Chase) (Gordon's War OST, 1973) Buddah
17. Diplo: Betty (Hollertronix #7, 2007) Money Studies
18. Richie Hawtin: Concept 1 [reinterpretation 1 by Akufen] (Forcept 1, 2004) Minus