Radio Free GAK Episode July 28, 2008

rfg #28 - "Don't pet the sweaty stuff" (2008 July 28)

7:30am - 9:01am

Spotlight on the Repo Man soundtrack, plus some recent Canadiana, Los Angelenos and electrofunk. Music from films Rushmore and I'm Not There for extra measure. (Don't be shy...)

Playlist? Eh, why not.

1. Revenge of the Hammond Connection (Grand Theft Auto: London 1969) Take Two
2. Wolf Parade: California Dreamer (At Mt. Zoomer, 2008) Sub Pop
3. Les Savy Fav: The Equestrian (Let's Stay Friends, 2007) French Kiss
4. Jay Reatard: Fluorescent Grey (Deerhoof split single, 2008) Matador
5. The Telepathic Butterflies: The Gossip Trail (Breakfast in Suburbia, 2008) Rainbow Quartz
6. Cadence Weapon: Sharks [The Russian Futurists Remix] (Sharks, 2006) Upper Class
7. Cansei De Ser Sexy: Left Behind (Donkey, 2008) Sub Pop
8. Ratatat: Mumtaz Khan (LP3, 2008) XL
9. Bobby Orlando: I'm So Hot For You (Secret Weapons!, 1982) O
10. The Gap Band: Burn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) (The Gap Band III, 1980) Mercury
11. Lucky Dragons: I Keep Waiting for Earthquakes (Dream Island Laughing Language, 2008) Marriage
12. Bodies of Water: Gold, Tan, Peach and Grey (A Certain Feeling, 2008) Secretly Canadian
13. Hello Tokyo: Kiss Me Goodbye (Radio, 2005) CD Baby
14. Bama & the Family: King Masaru (unreleased, 2008) Truth & Soul
15. The Kinks: Nothing in this World Can Make Me Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl (Rushmore OST, 1999) Polygram
16. Sonic Youth: I'm Not There (I'm Not There OST, 2007) Columbia
17. Iggy Pop: Repo Man (Repo Man OST, 1984) MCA
18. The Circle Jerks: Coup D'?tat (Repo Man OST, 1984) MCA
19. The Plugz: Hombre Secreto (Repo Man OST, 1984) MCA
20. Lee Moses: Hey Joe (Time and Place, 1970) Maple