Radio Free GAK Episode June 23, 2008

rfg #24 - "Dulce de leche" (2008 June 23)

7:31am - 9:09am

A tribute to George Carlin, the Jazz Festival, hip hop and remixes. Soundtracks from the films La Dolce Vita, Cosi Dolce...Cosi Perversa and Il Grande Silenzio. I'm off next week and ran overtime this week. Balance is a vicious sense. Happy Canada Day in advance!

Playlist? Yessir!

1. Quiet Village: Circus of Horror (Silent Movie, 2008) Studio !K7
2. George Carlin: Stuff (Comic Relief, 1986)
3. The Cool Kids: What It Is (The Bake Sale, 2008) Chocolate Industries
4. Marco Polo and Large Professor: The Radar [Clean Remix] (The Radar, 2007) Soulspazm
5. Kris Menace / Felix da Housecat / Fred Falke: Artificial (Artificial, 2008) Compuphonic
6. Chromatics: In the City (After Dark, 2007) Italians Do It Better
7. MGMT: Electric Feel [Justice remix] (Electric Feel single, 2008) Columbia
8. Marlena Shaw: California Soul [Diplo remix] (Verve Remixed 4, 2008) Verve
9. Adam & the Amethysts: Bumblebee (Amethyst Amulet, 2008) Pome
10. Paavoharju: Kev?trumpu (Laulu Laakson Kukista, 2008) Fonal
11. Souley Kant?: Bi Magni (Bi Magni, 2008) ML
12. Group Doueh: Wazan Samat (Guitar Music From the Western Sahara, 2007) Sublime Frequencies
13. Bobbie Gentry: Fancy (Fancy, 1969) Capitol
14. The Free Association: Salut La Dolce Vita, Pt. I (Come Get It I Got It, 2002) 13 Amp
15. Nino Rota: La Dolce Vita (La Dolce Vita OST, 1959) CAM
16. Riz Ortolani: So Soft (Cosi Dolce... Cosi Perversa OST, 2001) Hexacords
17. Ennio Morricone: Ancora Pi (Dolcemente) (Il Grande Silenzio OST, 1968) Beat
18. Budos Band: Chicago Falcon (II, 2007) Daptone
19. Elizabeth Shepherd: Shining Tear of the Sun (Parkdale, 2008) Do Right Music
20. George Carlin: A Modern Man (Life is Worth Losing, 2006) Atlantic