Radio Free GAK Episode June 2, 2008

rfg #21 - "Less spaghetti, more blankets" (2008 June 02)

7:31am - 9:01am

All covers, all the time. It's like Rush, Guns'n Roses, Bon Jovi, David Bowie, Neil Young and more, as you barely recognize them. Music from the movies The Million Dollar Hotel, The Omen, Moulin Rouge and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. It's June. It's not warm. It's illogical.
RIP Bo Diddley. That's sad.

Your answers from the exam.

1. Flat Pack: Sweet Child of Mine [Mylo Remix] (live) (BBC 1: Live Lounge at Maida Vale, 2005) BBC / orig: Guns'n Roses
2. Hot Chip: Wearing My Rolex (live) (BBC 1: Live Lounge at Maida Vale, 2008) BBC
3. Pastel Vespa: Living on a Prayer (L'Anarchie, 2002) Darla / orig: Wiley
4. She & Him: You Really Got a Hold On Me (Volume 1, 2008) Merge / orig: Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
5. Milla Jovavich and the Million Dollar Hotel Band: Satellite of Love (Million Dollar Hotel OST, 2000) Island / orig: Lou Reed
6. Scarlett Johansson: I Don't Want To Grow Up (Anywhere I Lay My Head, 2008) Atco/Rhino / orig: Tom Waits
7. Ladies Who Lunch: Bull in the Heather (Kims We Love 7", 1995) Grand Royal / orig: Sonic Youth
8. Sonic Youth: Computer Age (The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young, 1989) Caroline / orig: Neil Young
9. The Bad Plus: Tom Sawyer (Prog, 2007) Do the Math / orig: Rush
10. Neko Case: Andy (Canadian Amp, 2001) Lady Pilot / orig: the Inbreds
11. Franz Ferdinand: Mis-shapes (Live for radio? 2004) / orig: Pulp
12. Margaret Leng Tan: Eleanor Rigby (Other Minds 5, 1999) Other Minds / orig: the Beatles
13. Brian Grosz: Roads (Bedlam Nights, 2007) Exotic / orig: Portishead
14. unknown: You Are My Sunshine (CBC Radio North, 1982) / orig: the Rice Brothers
15. Bo Diddley: You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover (His Greatest Sides: Volume 1, 1985) Chess / orig: Willie Dixon
16. Dawn Landes: Young Folks (2007) / orig: Peter Bjorn & John
17. The Arcade Fire: Brazil (Cold Wind 7", 2005) Merge / orig: Ary Barroso
18. Beck: Diamond Dogs (Moulin Rouge OST, 2001) Interscope / orig: David Bowie
19. Seu Jorge: Queen Bitch (The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions, 2006) Hollywood / orig: David Bowie
20. Fantomas: The Omen (Ave Satani) (The Director's Cut, 2001) Ipecac / orig: ___
21. Rondellus: Verres Militares (WAR PIGS) (Sabbatum - A Medieval Tribute To Black Sabbath, 2003) Music Cartel / orig: Black Sabbath
22. Better Daze: Golden Brown (Rewind!, 2002) Ubiquity / orig: the Stranglers